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Fingerboard Geometry Part 2: Scoop vs. Radius

Fingerboard Geometry Part 1: Survey dimensions

Fingerboard Geometry: Project Overview

The Pianist Game

Baby Plane Making, part 1

Cello Arch Reading

Joint Pain: John

Stradivari & his incompetent sons: Omolia Bonolia

Dr Sketchy – Sky Candy

Hide Glue Delight

The Ultimate Glue Test

Cello Plate Jointing

Congratulations, it’s a….

Joint Pain #5: Treadmill

CSVM Kombat #2: Make violins, not violence

CSVM Kombat #1

Joint Pain #4: Whack-a-mole

Plight of the Page Turner #2

The traditional Rub Joint

Apocalypse, the Egyptian belly dancer

Secret Communist Club

Hourly Comic Day 2015

Asian parenting (un)encouragement stickers


Zulagen hurts my brain

Time for some sightreading!

Luthier Lammily

Album Artwork for Amongst the Smokestacks and Steeples

Stradivari & his incompetent sons: Croissant

Stradivari and his incompetent sons: Thanksgiving

that’s what she said

Calculate spindle speed using absolute pitch!

Goodbye, factory!


Stradivari and his incompetent sons #3


Car-shaped planes, part 2

VSA 2014: Claudia’s Nightmare

My factory job


Rejected get well cards for musicians

VSA 2014: Broken record

VSA 2014: guessing game

How to give a violin setup student nightmares

TRIATHLON (guest feature!)


Flashback: Typewriter Poems: Pawn

Flashback: Typewriter poems: Mimi likes bikes

Flashback: Typewriter poems: Rice Rocket

Kwan girls flashback: the Roach

Grocery Gauntlet

Plight of the Page Turner

Henry’s Nightmare

First Taste (guest feature!)

I found Chicago in the machine shop

ta-YA ta-YA, yakadakadaka yump yump, BOOM, yum pum pum.

Stages of Grief, told with scrapers

Train of Thought Pictionary #1

Reverse culture shock: FOP

Plate Gouging Timelapse

The various smells of my working life

Joint Pain #3: the shakes

Joint Pain #2: Try Again

Joint Pain #1: tender loving care

Construction notebook excerpts

Sports bra

X-Men tans

Luthier knives

how to make a violin, part 1

4-year-old guest artist collaborators

you got a B!

Boring bar


How do you make the Golden Gate Bridge sing?

Happy 77th, Golden Gate Bridge

More words that lacked English counterparts in my childhood

Bass bar + architectural rendering tutorial

Household items whose English names were unknown to me for a while

Easy chicken coop accessories

Operation help-Max-get-chickens, part 2

Operation Help-Max-Get-Chickens, part 1

Chinese food scavenger hunt

Bass bar


Beijing dialect

Occupational Hazards

Long-haired luthier #1

Antonio Stradivari & his incompetent sons #2

asian glow

Handcrafted violin maker by day, CNC operator by night

Wedding Gift for Nora & Kevin, part 2

Wedding Gift for Nora & Kevin

Antonio Stradivari & his incompetent sons #1

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Planing lesson

We are Siamese if you don’t please

Charrette Syndrome

Princess Chicken

purfling pick

Definitive proof

mobile chicken coop


seed convention

Violin for brontosaurus

mommy’s fridge: ice cream

mommy’s fridge: yogurt

chicago dibs

must pet kitty

flattening, flattening, and more flattening

Mies van der Rohe

killing me softly with eyebrows

block plane: alternative uses

hammer time

yogurt method