I just discovered spectrogram viewer on Audacity and my vocal sweeps inadvertently drew some violin arches and a content-looking long-haired chubby-faced girl with my voice (lower right)!

spectrogram of voice

I love spectrograms! Half my lifetime ago, I would watch my favorite songs on the Winamp spectrogram for hours.

So I guess it should surprise no one that last week I had a wonderful time at Oberlin Acoustics Workshop this year, learning, hanging out and doing bridge rocking frequency taichi with brilliant minds and people I admire!


Flashback: Typewriter poems: Rice Rocket

Whenever I come home, I like to dig through all my old “artwork” and scraps to ROFL at. Here’s a pair of items related to my sister. Don’t get her confused with the ice skater of the same name — my sister is a former roller derby star jammer.

rice rocket, texas rollergirls, jammer

It’s even fraaamed! This was probably some time around 2006 or something.

This next one is what happened when Mimi and I found Mabel’s typewriter, circa 2009. Excuse the Engrish mockery. And the misspelling of sonnet – no erase button on a typewriter, and no use typing a dash over a t. Also, I think the Mount Bonnell stutter was my attempt to keep iambic pentameter.

Michelle's sonnet

Kwan girls flashback: the Roach

kwan girls flashback

Apparently this happened when I was a toddler. Then my sisters ran to my mom because they thought I’d eaten the roach, and my mom laughed in their faces and said, “That’s just a black crayon!”

School’s out for a couple of weeks, and I’m home in Austin, visiting my family (my nephew!! ❤ ), prepping for my first sprint triathlon, eating barbeque, working on violins, and getting up in the middle of every night to smash our resident roaches.