TRIATHLON (guest feature!)

I just loooove my sister’s rendition of her triathlon experience.


Just look at those tongues! And the wobbly running legs!!! So spot-on!




“So MJ, how was your first sprint triathlon?” you ask?

Well… I survived.


SWIM (700m)0904 triathlon 1

It was then characterized by not being able to see anything and a seaweed attack here and there.


BIKE (16.7 mi)

0904 triathlon 2Minus the initial hill-induced delirium, it was probably the funnest bike ride I’ve ever done. Also, Austin’s skyscrapers were all talking to me.


RUN (3.1 mi)

0904 triathlon 3

I really thought I was smiling normal but I look totally manic in all the photos. I had the misfortune of being in the final wave, which started at about 9:30! So when I was running at 11, well… IT WAS REALLY HOT OUT.

“So, would you do it again?” you ask.