golden gate bridge

How do you make the Golden Gate Bridge sing?

Don’t worry, yall, this is the last Golden Gate Bridge post… until its next birthday, maybe.

golden gate bridge is a giant harp, cello, and horn.

If you visit the Golden Gate Bridge and it is hiding, at least it will be serenading you with bassy fifths on its foghorns. So just sit back and enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge strip show.


Happy 77th, Golden Gate Bridge

happy birthday golden gate bridge

In retrospect, I’m really glad that I chose to direct all my creepy photo-collecting, drawing, stalking, and obsessing at an inanimate object, and not a classmate. Well, the latter still happened… but let’s not digress.

To anyone who tried to tell me otherwise, admiration of an inanimate object is not completely futile. This bridge gave me goals and taught me to draw! (And maybe lost me some friends? Eh, totally worth it.)

So, let’s make fun of examine some of my Golden Gate Bridge fanart of over 10 years ago!

a compilation of golden gate bridge drawings

Happy Birthday, dear bridge! The Golden Gate Bridge turns 77 in a few days. If you’re out there in San Francisco, pay it a visit for me.