Wedding Gift for Nora & Kevin, part 2

More pictures & process of making the inlaid tea tray. Check previous post for the rest.

STEP ONE: Join 3 pieces!

glue up rig for joining boards

STEP TWO: Plane it down til the boards are flat enough to lay out your design. Cut it out with a knife & ruler!

cut channel walls for inlay with knife and ruler

STEP THREE: Pick it out with a purfling pick! No routers or dremels if you want to be hardcore.

purfling pick makes inlay channel

STEP FOUR: Bend some walnut strips on the steaming iron so you can get those little tails to work! Trim, fit, and glue!

bocote + walnut inlay

STEP FIVE: Plane it flat! Why is my plane clogging and not working well? Maybe because it is hoarding shavings for the winter!

plane hoards shavings for the winter

STEP SEVEN: Cut out all the rest of the pieces, shape, rasp, file, scrape, and sand!

tea tray parts assembly

STEP EIGHT: Assemble!

tea tray wedding gift underside

Oh yeah, why did I make a tea tray, you ask? Originally, Nora asked me to make a sign to put next to the guestbook.

I got carried away.

But it is still a sign! The legs are cut at an angle to keep the tray’s center of mass where it needs to be to stand up like a sign.

angle for something to stand up on its side

Nora & Kevin : Sign has been sealed and delivered, it’s yours. Yall’s. Whatever. Happy Marriage!

tea tray wedding gift


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