Sept 21 is when I take Facebook requests for caricature practice victims. I used to just pick people but then people got mad. The little numbers are start and finish times.


0929 thomas



0929 shirley




0929 scott




0929 mary




0929 kat




0929 jairus


must pet kitty


Becky told me that my violin arch looked like a cat sticking its butt up to arch its back to avoid your hand.

So here’s where I’m at with violin no. 1:

violin maple back arch

The back of a violin is usually a nice smooth arch, and the spruce top should be taller with a larger flatter section. Apparently a longer stretch of straight grains is better for resonance. But as you shape the arch, for a long time it kind of feels like the cat in the third panel above.

spruce top final arch

See the difference?