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Plight of the Page Turner #2

We played some music for the 90th birthday of a great benefactor of our school. This is how it went:

plight of the page turner #2

My first comic featuring Fred! And Raoul.

plight of the page turner

Also, this kept happening:

0309 rrrawwwk 3

Thanks for the fun, Fred, Elly, Jessie, Raoul, and Mamadou!

Sorry, Schumann!

Plight of the Page Turner #1


Kwan girls flashback: the Roach

kwan girls flashback

Apparently this happened when I was a toddler. Then my sisters ran to my mom because they thought I’d eaten the roach, and my mom laughed in their faces and said, “That’s just a black crayon!”

School’s out for a couple of weeks, and I’m home in Austin, visiting my family (my nephew!! ❤ ), prepping for my first sprint triathlon, eating barbeque, working on violins, and getting up in the middle of every night to smash our resident roaches.