Occupational Hazards

[warning: graphic stick figure icon violence below.]

… of the Violin Maker:

Last time, Long-haired Luthier demonstrated an example of why we should follow safety precautions. Here are a handful of other warnings, dangers, and precautions one might take in violin making, as found sporadically in my construction notes.

violin maker occupational hazards

… of the CNC operator:

Now, for contrast, here are some warnings and dangers of operating the CNC lathe, posted on the Haas machine that I am training on.

danger and warnings associated with CNC

So much hurt…. These machines are NOT for messing around.

How many ways did poor icon man just get mangled up there? And all by itself on another side of the machine is one final enormous danger plaque :

do not leave stock extending out of the lathe, haas cnc lathe warning




But seriously… you gotta respect these things. Maybe I ought to stick with hand tools after all.


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