4-year-old guest artist collaborators

My schedule has gotten rather packed and I’m not 100% certain that I can keep posting twice a week. So enjoy this filler post where I outsource my drawing task to my ~4-year-old piano students at the Old Town School.

claude debussy donatella's interpretation of suite bergamasque

I give kids five minutes of interpretive crayon-ing while I play a piece by a different composer each week. Sometimes the kids have pretty bizarre interpretations, like once a kid thought my Fur Elise sounded like Grandpa Dancing. Perhaps it’s a comment on my clunky playing. But this time, I played Prelude from Suite Bergamasque by Debussy, and one girl exclaimed, “I hear butterflies!” And Margaret produced yet another appropriately Impressionist masterpiece:

claude debussy margaret's interpretation of suite bergamasque

So that all makes me feel a little better about my playing.


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