Plight of the Page Turner #2

We played some music for the 90th birthday of a great benefactor of our school. This is how it went:

plight of the page turner #2

My first comic featuring Fred! And Raoul.

plight of the page turner

Also, this kept happening:

0309 rrrawwwk 3

Thanks for the fun, Fred, Elly, Jessie, Raoul, and Mamadou!

Sorry, Schumann!

Plight of the Page Turner #1



I always laugh at how people flip out and dodge like crazy when a pigeon flies straight up in their face. Then, of course, karma brings it right back round to me….

ahh! stupid pigeon with your stupid involuntary jerky head movements. coming from the stupid human with involuntary arm swinging. cameos: ford aerostar, toyota mr2, ultra car

Just to clear things up, some birds like to keep their heads still. So when they walk, their heads appear to be going back and forth relative to their bodies, but actually, their heads are just going from spot to spot, perfectly stationary each time. So, when you see a jerky head on a bird, it’s not stupid, it’s actually some pretty mad body part isolation skill. It’s what people who dance the robot strive for.

Operation Help-Max-Get-Chickens, part 1

I spent the last week in New Jersey, helping my sister get started with chicken-keeping.

This was the plan. It was supposed to be easy.

the original chicken tractor-building schedule

But of course, things don’t always go as planned.

the actual unfolding of chicken preparation events

We originally meant to get a flock of Orpingtons and/or Rhode Island Reds, but the farmer lady had an Ameraucana. I hadn’t recently researched it, but I remembered it was a favorite of many. So after the hour-long high-speed chase, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this:

ameraucanas love to escape, apparently

So that was my week. With a haircut by my sisters and a trip to New York squeezed in there somewhere.

Next time I’ll go into detail about the tractor itself.