Planing lesson

I shall open with some Plain ol’ Taichi moves:
plain ol' taichi steps

BUT WAIT! That looks familiar!
Compare with Plane ol’ Taichi moves:

plane ol' taichi steps, luthier style

When you plane, you’ve got to MOVE YO’ BODY!!! … and not forget to breathe and concentrate and stuff, etc etc.

But really, planing taichi-style puts the strength of your legs and the weight of your torso behind the plane, which will slow down arm fatigue and let your arms focus on controlling the plane. So, today’s lesson in review:

shaolin planing vs. cabbage patch planing

You don’t even need the check mark and X to tell you which is the right way – obviously you’d choose Shaolin Planing because it makes you look way cooler. But make sure you’ve got good footing, or else:

kung fu planing gone wrong



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