joint pain

Joint Pain: John

0929 jointing radar

I love watching everyone join their plates.

For first timers, jointing can be nerve wracking and stressful, and Becky stands by to advise and calm the student down.

0929 joint tv

So last Friday’s episode of jointing TV was a little unusual: 0929 joint with john


Cello Plate Jointing

Hello hello, my long hiatus is [hopefully] over… I will try to return to my ritualistic weekly postings. If not with comics, then I will post with updates on my instruments and top secret things I’ve learned along the way.

I am building a cello now! Today I joined my maple plates. I’ll do a post on some of the ways you can and should check the joint before gluing. But for now, 2 excerpt from my notebook (featuring Becky & Fred at the thermostat):

0730 cello joint

cello plate jointing glue-up

0730 cello joint 3