I just discovered spectrogram viewer on Audacity and my vocal sweeps inadvertently drew some violin arches and a content-looking long-haired chubby-faced girl with my voice (lower right)!

spectrogram of voice

I love spectrograms! Half my lifetime ago, I would watch my favorite songs on the Winamp spectrogram for hours.

So I guess it should surprise no one that last week I had a wonderful time at Oberlin Acoustics Workshop this year, learning, hanging out and doing bridge rocking frequency taichi with brilliant minds and people I admire!



  1. hi MJ:

    in my ongoing research into building a fiddle, I stumbled across your really incredible blog yesterday
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful, informative, joyous and often humorous drawings with other kindred curious spirits!

    fyi, seems we have more in common than just luthery… e.g…. architecture (30+ years in the field),
    also am a ‘studio furniture’ designer/maker, fiddler, mandoista + banjoista.

    btw, I’m a guide/educator at The Glass House + Grace Farms in New Canaan CT, if you haven’t been to either or both, check them out on the www and if you like what you see, put them on your bucket list! I’d be happy to host a tour for you and friends.

    Thanks Again for sharing your notebooks, which I’m sure will help me avoid mistakes and make me smile during my recently started luthery journey.

    Very Best Regards,
    Bill Garbus

    1. Hi Bill! I forgot to check my site for comments for 2 years now! Thanks for leaving a note. I would like to visit the Glass House some time and talk about all our overlapping interests. Cheers, MJ

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