Princess Chicken

If you can’t read Chinese, don’t despair! Click here for English.
And please excuse any of my linguistic shortcomings.

27 princess chicken 1

So… which makes more sense: Expensive Airplane or Senior Concubine Chicken? My misinterpretation was a logical error, wasn’t it? Either way, little Chinese restaurant menus, you can’t fool me with your euphemistic English translation “Princess Chicken.” But whenever I hear someone say “贵妃鸡,” this is what pops into my head:

27 princess chicken

And then this… the actual dish:

Highly recommended, by the way. It’s yummy.



  1. I’m reading this at work and just laughed so hard the entire office turned around and stared at me like I was from Mars. What was worse was when i tried to explain what I was laughing about. “Expansive airplane makes more sense!” did not go over well.

      1. It’s very possible. I wouldn’t have known the English translation though! My boyfriend works at the office with me and was still giving me hell about it today

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