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Creepy violin makers…


Plate Gouging Timelapse

Please be patient while these gifs load.

I’ll talk a little to keep you awake in the meantime. Joint Pain isn’t over – I just had to interrupt it to show everyone where I am on violin #2. Rib assembly is all done, plates have been cut out, cleaned up, and edge thicknessed. Now I am gouging to make that poofy roundy violin belly shape. I took several photos along the way and packaged them up into little timelapse animations:










violin maple plate gouging, rough arching of the lower boutA roughed out maple butt cheek lower bout.








violin maple plate gouging, rough arching of upper and c bout, with tommy selfie

Roughing out an upper and C bout. Tommy makes a cameo! haha. That’s what happens when you sneak a selfie into my timelapse!!!!









violin maple plate gouging, scan of roughed arch

I like to use my ruler this way to judge what I have done. It’s a good way to read the arch.