Calculate spindle speed using absolute pitch!

Note: if you hate math, skip this post.

This is how I looked during a 12+ minute cycle on the mill:

long cycle cnc boredom

So, what better way to entertain myself than to guess the spindle speed based on the MERRRRRP pitch??

You can play along too!

Here’s what I had to work with:

1110 rpm 2

Mary Jane is working on the mill in a factory. She hears an E pitch three octaves below concert pitch A. Knowing that the pitch is created by a tool spinning at a certain speed, and knowing that concert pitch A is 440Hz, how fast is the tool spinning in rpm (rotations per minute)?

Easy peasy! But I have not taken a math class since senior year of high school, over 10 years ago. Granted, the last math class I took was multivariable calculus… so I have a decently developed conceptual grasp of math, but I’m very horribly out of practice. When you’re done solving the problem, scroll down to see how my poor brain stumbled through.

1110 rpm 3

1110 rpm 5

1110 rpm 4

Only 9 rpm off! Enough to break a tap, sure, but still! That might have been the most gratifying use of absolute pitch in the history of MJ.

VSA 2014: Broken record

This year, the VSA held its instrument competition. Once the winners were announced and the competition room opened, everyone stormed in and got their grubby hands all over the brand new instruments. Violinists went down the line of 250 violins, playing their favorite golden magic test passages over and over and over. When two approached one another, I fully expected some virtuoso battle to erupt:

competition instrument exhibit

It was as though each one thought they were the ONLY one in the room. Oh right, they’re violinists. 🙂

First Taste (guest feature!)

My sister’s first 3D animation is just wonderful in so many ways.

first taste from mkwan4 on Vimeo.

This is a one minute short story about discovery and clumsiness!

This is also my first taste in 3d computer animating

Produced at the New York Film Academy’s 4 week 3d animation workshop (2014)

The music is by me, recorded one year ago, but actually credit should go to my mom for all the lyrics. If you want to learn Cantonese and/or sing along, here are the words and a rough translation:

malachi m-m-m-
malachi m-m-m-
malachi m-mala
kai kai doi! ( = naughty child)

malachi kai kai kai
malachi kai kai kai
malachi kai kai kai
kai kai doi!

yi hoi pang nga siu mat yeh? (what’s that big grin for?)
ong hei ge meen seung dim yeung? (why are you scrunching up your face?)
ho chi seung gong ye dan (seems like you want to say something)
jau dak ah ah seung (but all that comes out is “ah ah” sounds)
mak dai ga hau dak ga long (open your mouth wide, it’s just a big hole)

mak dai ga hau dak ga long!
mak dai ga hau dak ga long!
ho chi seung gong ye dan
jau hiu mm mm seung
mak dai ga hau dak ga long!

malachi kai kai kai
malachi kai kai kai
malachi kai kai kai
kai kai doi!


First Taste, by Mimi Kwan