Cello Arch Reading

I’m shaping the arch on my cello. As with drawing, I have a little problem where I have my face is right up against the workpiece. It’s always good to step back and get a macro reading of the shadows to judge where to scrape next. On cello this is harder to do at your desk unless you have extendable arms (which I unfortunately do not).

violin arching review

Fortunately there is a very bright light (the sun) and a mirror (our front door) outside. Everyone passing by on Oakton at 5:30pm today would have seen me holding my cello plate up to the school, Simba-style.

chicago school of violin making cello plate

I love the hard shadows from the sun.

cello maple plate arch shadow animation

Keep the centerline of the plate at the same angle of the sun for a very unforgiving reading of arch symmetry (looks like I still have a little work to do):

chicago school of violin making, looking at cello plate arch on oakton


Dr Sketchy – Sky Candy

I went to a Dr Sketchy cabaret life drawing thingy in Austin. This one was at the aerial dance studio Sky Candy. There were 4 models and at least one was always hangin’ from something. Awesome poses, definitely my favorite life drawing setting.

dr sketchy life drawing sky candy austindr sketchy life drawing sky candy austin

dr sketchy life drawing sky candy austindr sketchy life drawing sky candy austin

I got to know the Kuretake No. 13 fountain brush pen a little better. I’d never tried it in life drawing. I looooove it!!

dr sketchy life drawing sky candy austin

Umm…. later I found this in my sketchbook.

magneto professor x life drawing

Don’t ask. It wasn’t me.

Hide Glue Delight

For the graduation ceremony potluck today, I fed everyone hide glue:

hide glue delight

My aunt would make this for us when we were kids.

Here is Tschu Ho Lee, our Director Emeritus, enjoying a cube of hide glue delight.

tschu ho lee tries the hide glue

So that marks the end of my second full year at the Chicago School of Violin Making (I’ve got one more year to go).

Here’s the state of the cello:

mj kwan cello progress august 2015

And viola is almost done getting varnished:

mj kwan viola varnish

I’ll be posting from Austin for the next couple weeks. See ya!